Sunday, December 1, 2013

Minnesota school gets kids biking!!

This is so freaking awesome it almost brings tears to my eyes! While my daughter and I live farther north than the twin cities it is so awesome to see that schools are taking initiative to en cooperate biking as a school curriculum. Yay Minnesota! Now lets just get that idea going more up north :D

Friday, November 29, 2013

Winter biking?

So I have been literally going crazy not being able to ride my bike with all this snow and 10 above weather. I have been debating moving when I saw one of my co-workers riding his bike in the snow. That is when the revelation came to me, I can ride in the winter! But if I ride my bike my three year old will want to ride with me and she has already had a respiratory infection this year (no fun!) So this brought up a few questions is winter riding in northern Minnesota for families? How do you go about it? If not is a spinning class a good substitute or am I just going to crave the bike trail more?

I still think the solution is just too move south :)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Good bye Gwendolynn

Hello wide world of web! I firmly believed that the family that rode together, stayed together but unfortunately despite the many bicycling trips we took, my fiancee left me. He was my north star in the bike world and now that he is gone I have to fend for myself. So here I am networking and hoping to find my own bicycle contacts to help me stand on my own two wheels.
Imagine this exact Raleigh 3 speed with new tires, and a tan  Brook's women's leather saddle and a yellow all metal child carrier. She was beautiful to me and the more I learned about her, how to change her brake shoes, tires and even discovered the magic of first and third gear, the more I feel in love. I had planned to completely disassemble her, clean her up, put her back together, add a bell and a basket and by spring we would have been blazing the trails together. Her name was Gwendolynn and she was my first bicycle soul mate. Unfortunately Gwenie was also the first 3 speed my fiancee bought me and every time I saw her I remembered us biking down the trails happy and in love. It was heart breaking to look at her and realize she was the epitome of our relationship together, everything about Gwenie reminded me of him. He picked her out for me, bought her for me, helped me fix her up, rode with me. It was bizarre to realize that an object could hold an over whelming emotional attachment. So I reluctantly decided to give her a new home with a local biking organization that provided bicycles to low income and disadvantaged people. So here I am starting a new and looking for my new bicycle to love. Lately I have been looking at long-tail cargo bikes since I love bicycling with my three year old daughter a cargo bike seems totally relevant, but its a big, big bicycling sea out there.